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Millions of products, one simple platform

Crowdship connects 25,000 Retailers with 5000+ Suppliers for automated drop shipping alongside a curated Marketplace.


Dropship Automation Software

For Retailers

For Suppliers

Wholesale & Drop Ship Marketplace

Pre-integrated products from verified USA Suppliers

How does Crowdship work?

Powerful, yet simple.

Import Products

Add products to your catalog from a wide selection of top selling brands in your industry with one click.

Make a Sale

Market your store & products to entice customers to shop. Order samples and create marketing materials for best results.

Crowdship handles the rest!

Automaticlaly route purchase orders, pay suppliers, and provide your customer with tracking information.

For online retailers

Sync your suppliers

Connect with any supplier to seamlessly automate your purchasing and order fulfillment, track payments, and so much more.

For Retailers

Find new products

Crowdship offers instant access to hot, new, high margin products from vetted suppliers accross multiple industries. 



Install the Crowdship App for Shopify as a Retailer or Supplier and instantly automate products, inventory, customers, orders, shipments, payments and more.

Automation Features

1 click export

1-Click Product Sync

Sync entire product listings, or map specific SKU's between your store and your suppliers.

auto route POs

Auto Purchase Orders

Automatically create PO's when a sale is made & sync them to each Suppliers store in real time.

dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Track MSRP, or Dynamically update your store pricing based on updates to your costs using a formula.


Auto Payouts

Auto pay suppliers when a PO is generated to avoid the hassles of Accounts Payable & Receivable.

inventoery sync

Real Time Inventory

Sync Inventory levels in real-time, eliminating out of stock orders & customer frustration.

track changes

Track Supplier Changes

Select specific details to keep in sync with Supplier Products. Sync photos, tags, variants, descriptions, etc.


Wholesale Ordering

Place wholesale orders to buy samples, or resell items in your brick & mortar store.


Accounting Module

Reconcile sales, payments, shipments, PO's, and vendor payments with PDF invoices or CSV exports.

wallet icon

Retailer Card Wallet

Securely store card information in Crowdship to automatically pay suppliers when an order is created.

track fulfillments

Shipment Tracking Sync

Eliminate "where is my order" calls with real-time tracking sync between your suppliers and customers.

pdf downloads

PDF Invoices for Purchase Orders

Download PDF Invoices for each PO. Easily reconcile charges against drop ship PO's and customer sales.

1 click export

Shipping Method Mapping

Maintain customer expectations with shipping method mapping between your store and your suppliers.

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