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For Brands and Suppliers

Launch a Private Drop Ship Network

Brands and distributors leverage Crowdship Automation to effortlessly drop ship for their approved retailers with no additional workload.

Instantly unlock an entire new revenue stream when you turn retailers, influencers, and marketers into your own personal sales army!

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1200+ online retailers already
love Crowdship! 


The only drop ship app
with real time data sync.

- Sync product data including inventory levels in real time
- Automatically receive orders right in your Shopify store
- Configure retailer access, shipping, payment options, and more!

Launch your Drop Ship Network

How does Crowdship work?

Growth hack your industry.
Join Crowdship Marketplace.

Crowdship partners with select suppliers to offer a curated drop ship marketplace. 

Approved Suppliers expose their brand to more than 1200 online Retailers, Influencers, and marketers eager to sell the hottest new products. 

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Real Time Sync

Shopify App

Crowdship Supply cart integrations make connecting your store fast and easy. 

Simple Retailer Onboarding

Painless Retailer Integration

Retailers can start drop shipping your items with just a few clicks. 

All in one platform

Drop Ship Accounting

Generate invoices automatically and easily reconcile!

Supplier Pricing

Crowdship Marketplace


Wholesale + Drop Shipping

Crowdship Marketplace is a curated platform, approval is required. A 5% processing fee will be deducted from all Crowdship Marketplace Payouts.

Private Drop Ship Network


Per Retailer Connection

5% Credit Card processing fee will apply only when auto-charging Retailers via Crowdship Wallet

Plan Comparison

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Drop Ship Automation Features

Crowdship Marketplace

FREE / Approval Required

Private Drop Ship Network

$99 / mo / retailer

Shopify Integration
Performance Dashboard
Dynamic Pricing Algorithm
Order Dashboard
Fulfillment / Tracking Sync
Print Shipping Labels
International Shipping Toggle
Real Time Inventory Sync
Auto payouts
Cancellation Requests
Unlimited Retailer Connections
CSV Exports
Shipping Method Mapping
Black List Retailers
Collect Payment via Crowdship
Approve Specific Retailers
Collect Payment Outside Crowdship
Invoicing Tool
Net Terms for Retailers
Requires Approval
Warehouse or 3PL Required
Orders Guaranteed Against Chargebacks

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Crowdship is the fastest and most reliable way to build a drop ship sales channel for brands and suppliers. 

High volume? No problem.

API calls per minute


Products Synced in Real Time

12.2M SKUs

Purchase Orders Per Day

2.2k PO’s

Avg Supplier Setup Time

16 mins