Drop ship autopilot for online retailers

Expand your catalog with zero inventory investment. From product import to vendor payment, Crowdship automates every step of the drop ship process for online retailers. 

Automate Purchasing & Fulfillment

Find new suppliers, or connect with your existing suppliers.

Automate Your Suppliers

Easily connect your store with your suppliers store to sync products, inventory, orders, and more.

Discover New Products

No suppliers? No problem. Crowdship Marketplace offers 50+ pre-integrated USA Suppliers in multiple industries. 

1-Click Product Import

Find product that fit in your store and import complete, media rich product listings with a single click. 

Connect by SKU

Connect your existing product variants with supplier inventory items manually, or auto connect by SKU.

Choose Fields to Sync

Pick which product fields to auto-sync with Suppliers. Ex. Images, Description, Tags, Variants etc. 

Dynamic Pricing

Automatically update your store pricing when a supplier updates your cost or their suggested retail price. 

Auto Add/Remove Variants

Automatically add and remove product variants to keep your listing structure in sync with your suppliers.  

Auto Remove Discontinued

Eliminate clutter by automatically deleting or un-publishing obsolete products when a supplier discontinues them.

Auto Import from Shopify

Automatically import Shopify Orders as they are placed in real time. No more copy/paste or CSV uploads needed. 

Split Orders by Supplier

Crowdship splits your sales into individual supplier purchases as they are placed. Shipping and handling fees are auto calculated and applied. 

Auto Route Purchase Orders

Suppliers receive purchase orders in real time directly into their Shopify Store, or they can print packing slips/labels in their Crowdship Supply Dashboard. 

Auto Tracking Updates

Each line item is automatically fulfilled in your store as suppliers ship each purchase order. Tracking is automatically sent to your customer through your store. 

Retailer Wallet

Stores your credit card on file for automated purchase order payments. PO's are generated, paid for, and submitted to Suppliers in real time. 

Net Terms

Work with your Suppliers to get Net Terms, and pay for purchases in bulk on a recurring basis. Easily reconcile with the accounting module!

Batch Invoicing

Suppliers may choose to invoice you for multiple shipped orders at one time via batch statement invoices. Export invoices via PDF or CSV. 

PDF Invoices and CSV Exports

Export orders, purchases, invoices, and payment data via CSV for fast and easy reconciliation. Instantly calculate net profit factoring shipping and fees. 


Convert your eCommerce suppliers to drop shippers in minutes.

Crowdship syncs products, orders, payments, and more!

Add your own suppliers, or find products on Marketplace!

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Why Crowdship?

Connect with suppliers to seamlessly sync inventory, product data, orders and more. 

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Install Crowdship and instantly start connecting Shopify products with your suppliers, importing your orders, and syncing tracking info from Suppliers. 

Instant Onboarding

Easy Supplier Integration

All-in-one platform

Drop Ship Accounting

Easily manage or export purchases and payments.

Retailer Pricing

All paid plans include all features.



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Products FAQ

Crowdship functions as a bridge between Retailers and Suppliers.

Once a supplier creates their Crowdship account, they’re be able to approve your store as a verified retailer from their Crowdship Dashboard.

Suppliers can install the Crowdship Supply Shopify app to instantly sync their products, orders, and shipments with your store.

Orders FAQ

Crowdship automatically splits your sales into individual purchase orders and routes them to each Suppliers store.

You do not need to perform any action to create or submit a purchase order!

If your suppliers accept payment via Crowdship, you credit card will automatically be charged at the time of purchase, and your supplier will automatically be paid upon shipment.


Shipments FAQ

If you’ve integrated a Shopify store, tracking information is automatically posted to your orders as each line item is shipped.

Customers will receive Shopify shipment notifications based on your Shopify account preferences.

Payments FAQ

Crowdship offers two payment settlement methods. It’s up to your supplier to choose their settlement method based on your individual relationship.

  1. Pay via Crowdship:
    1. Crowdship will automatically charge your credit card at the time of sale for the total cost of line items, fees, and shipping costs (if applicable). Suppliers are paid automatically on a recurring monthly basis via ACH.
  2. Pay outside Crowdship.
    1. Suppliers may choose to accept payment from you directly. Orders will be processed automatically, and suppliers will send you batch statement invoices in Crowdship at your agreed intervals. Your credit card will not be charged at time of sale.

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